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Miniaturized Prototype for Gravity field Assessment using Distributed Earth-orbiting assets

About us

Spin.Works is an aerospace company established in 2006 that develops mechanisms, optical instruments, computer vision, AI and navigation & control systems for Earth observation and planetary missions to the Moon, Mars and small bodies.

Space Technology


The goal of New Space Portugal is to develop and launch the Atlantic Constellation, as well as the ground systems to operate it. The constellation comprises Very High Resolution satellites (with <50cm/pixel GSD), High Resolution Satellites, VDES Satellites and AIS+SAR-capable Satellites . Spin.Works will contribute with a small series of hyperspectral cameras for the HR Constellation.
The main goal of the UP project is to develop an integrated set of AOCS simulation, analysis, test & validation tools, and to apply them in the scope of a microsat and a
The main goal of the IONEA project is to develop an integrated set of test & analysis tools, image processing algorithms and an instrument with 3 navigation cameras and a dedicated payload data processor to enable fully autonomous navigation in cislunar & deep space.
The main goal of the AEROS Constellation is to develop, build, launch and demonstrate in orbit a prototype for an Earth Observation constellation.
The main goal of the VIRIATO project is to develop, build, validate and demonstrate an integrated prototype of a suborbital micro-launcher.
The main goal of the uPGRADE project is to develop and qualify for space operations a Gravity Recovery nanosatellite prototype.


MAPP uses satellite and drone data to generate insights and help you manage your fields.

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